MeltCup: the best Cup for your Iron Thermal Analysis


SF trials continue to show that the MeltCup by MeltLab is the best for iron quality control. Your foundry will enjoy time and cost savings. Here’s our review :




Since 2016, we’ve been using the MeltCup with success. We’ve also published results from some of our trials to compare the performance of thermal analysis cups . Click the links below for results :

% Carbon combustion analysis

 QuickCup versus MeltCup

Figure 1 : QuickCup (left) and MeltCup (right) in action. Experiments showed that MeltCup is the best cup for iron thermal analysis.

MeltCup Quick Stats:

1) Virtually Zero Boiling = more accuracy and consistency

Figure 2 : The bottoms of four iron slugs taken from QuickCup samples, showing what appears to be gas related defects or boiling : Not good.

  • Boiling removes carbon and silicon—MeltCup is more accurate;
  • Boiling makes it harder to fill the cup—MeltCup is easy to fill ( figure 1 );
  • Under-filled cups cause missing and skewed data—Being easy to
    fill, MeltCup results are more consistent.

Figure 3 : The bottoms of four iron slugs of MeltCup samples. No boiling or gas related defect :  Good.

2) Less volume = faster results, but not too fast! Because time is money—MeltCup saves both time and money

  • Like Goldilocks, speed has to be just right—MeltCup balances
    speed with accuracy.

3) Higher gauge wire/under no tension=more sensitivity and less failures

  • Thinner wire >> less mass >> MeltCup has faster response/more sensitivity;
  • No tension >> MeltCup has lower thermocouple failure rate under high temps.

4) Made in smaller batches >> MeltCup is customizable for other applications: Did you know…?

  • MeltCup can be used to measure Pearlite;
  • MeltCup can be used for checking chemistry in treated Ductile Iron (Final Iron);
  • MeltCup can be used to evaluate Gray and Ductile microstructure;
  • MeltCup can be used to control inoculation levels in DI.


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Next article on SF blog will be on why more foundries in America are adding Optimull by Refcotec to their green sand system. In short, it improves the efficiency of your green sand. Contact us for to receive a free technical brochure.