SF metallurgists work with leaders in the industry to support you with virtually all equipment the industry offers. What are you looking for ?

  • Real-time, automated chemistry measurement in the melt ( replace the lab! )
  • 100% X-Ray inspection ( artificial intelligence software and/or full equipment )
  • Vacuum Impregnation equipment or as a service
  • Robots
  • Sand molding and processing
  • Sand Testing
  • Green sand washing to the core room ( bentonite, sea coal and silica sand recycling)
  • Graphite rotors, melt treatment and metal pumps
  • Casting defect welding repair
  • Sand 3D printer
  • Pattern 3D printer
  • Scrap metal handling
  • Melting furnaces

We have the industry relations with the best and the SF engineer’s approach for the success of your project.