Lynx Inspection 100% X-Ray for casting porosity

Welcome ! Your SF metallurgists are bringing you the most cost-effective X-Ray inspection solution on the market in 2020, made in Canada :

  • Remote inspection is possible so you don’t need to hire a X-Ray inspector;
  • 2D or 3D images according to the required specification ( OEM or Standard );
  • 100% X-Ray of your castings out of the molding machine, or on demand;
  • Integrate the software to your current cabinet and improve your X-Ray procedure ;
  • Understand the cause of non-conformities and act before machining into porosities.
You can’t hire an inspector ? Our certified X-Ray inspectors can connect and inspect your parts remotely to the Lynx eXamine solo150 cabinet. We can also gear up your current cabinet with our image analysis software.

Close the casting process loop ! Use SF melt treatment and molding technologies to understand what the X-Ray images are showing. Take actions in real-time on your casting process or let our process control algorithme work using the X-Ray and real-time process data. How can we support your growth ?