Thermal Analysis

Use SF Thermal Analysis (SFTA) to measure any liquid metal solidification properties right on your shop floor.

Increase productivity, avoid rejects with a controlled melt from casting to casting and fine tune your simulation parameters. For example, here’s how the operator knows if his grain refinement or modification treatment is still good or if melt properties are fading away using SFTA. We also offer an interface for the quality manager and your R&D.

SFTA Operator’s interface : this 356.1 sample passes grain refinement but he should call his supervisor about the eutectic modification level using strontium.
Melt operator taking a sample. SFTA is a shop floor melt measurement tool to help the operator take decisions within 5-7 minutes.
SFTA overview video
Showing the SFTA sampling stand for aluminum melt and the converter box. The flexibility of the system allows for mobile or fixed installation. View the results on a remote screen for the operator and/or directly on your laptop as the quality manager.
Showing various thermal arrests, the cooling curve (blue ), cooling rate ( orange ) and zero energy curve for a A356 sample. Using the SFTA software, the area between the cooling rate and zero energy curves is integrated to give a % energy released or absorbed by each phase during solidification of the sample. This is done automatically.

SF Thermal Analysis measures the energy of each phase forming during solidification of the sample. This is the integration between the zero energy curve and the cooling rate. The chemical element can show on the spectrometer reading but it might not be available to participate in the phase formation. For example in aluminum 356, all available magnesium will show on the spectrometer reading. But how much of it is oxydized ? SFTA will measure the Mg2Si phase potential of the melt before you fill the mold so you can be confident on the heat treatment.

Our metallurgists will also support you for rotary degassing, QualiFlash melt oxidation level ( click here) and real-time chemistry measurement for complete melt control. When are you available for a call ?