Here are the products we distribute and offer support for :

Casting buyer? With SF you’ll reduce your cost with the casting and foundry you really need to reach your objectives.

Foundry? We optimize your process to reduce your cost and increase your productivity.

  1. Sand 3D printing using Viridis3D technology ;
  2. Melt quality-control before casting with SF Thermal Analysis ;
  3. Optimize casting design with Finite Solutions Inc. simulation softwares;
  4. Control molding sand with Versatile equipments;
  5. Free SF mobile app for quick casting defects solutions;
  6. Cold welding repair service  with AtomWelding, or buy one of our machine;
  7. Robots
  8. Foundry engineering machine and equipment
  9. And more to come !

Examples :

You want to confirm that your liquid metal quality is good before casting ? We come with our SF Melt Analyzer and test your melt. If there’s a problem with the melt, we set an action plan to reach your objective.

Melt quality is good but still have the defect ? We use Finite Solutions software to support our expert and design for no casting defects. Doing so often leads to metal yield % increase, especially with OPTICast.

Or maybe the culprit is an unstable sand system? We use our Versatile sand testing equipment ( or yours ) and set the right quality-control target.

Repair casting defects with our AtomWelding machine. Easy!