We Measure Your Melt

Ask your SF metallurgical engineer to measure your melt properties using our probes below:

  • SFTA Thermal Analysis of aluminum and steel;
  • RPT for aluminum degassing control
  • HYCAL for dissolved hydrogen in aluminum;
  • QualiFlash for aluminum melt cleanliness level;
  • AluLIBS and GalvaLIBS for melt chemistry automation;
  • 100% X-Ray analysis;

SFTA Thermal Analysis to measure your melt solidification properties before casting, more info : https://www.solutionsfonderie.com/thermal-analysis/

Reduced Pressure Tester (RPT) with Palmer. RPT helps to control degassing procedure. Hydrogen and oxydes are in synergy in the aluminum melt to generate porosities in the solid casting. More info :https://www.palmermfg.com/porosity-analysis-control.php

HYCAL for hydrogen measurement and control, click the link for more details :


QualiFlash to measure your melt oxidation level :

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS ) for chemistry automation in aluminum . Click this link for more info :


100% X-Ray inspection is now possible thanks to artificial intelligence along with porosity positioning and measurement :

Contact us for our metallurgical lab services or if you need an equipment :