We Measure Your Melt

Ask your SF metallurgist to visit your foundry floor and measure your melt. Let’s treat your melt based on data !

SFTA to measure your melt solidification properties before casting: https://www.solutionsfonderie.com/thermal-analysis/

QualiFlash to measure your melt oxidation level : https://www.solutionsfonderie.com/2021/03/29/how-qualiflash-works-for-the-oxyde-control-in-your-liquid-aluminum-alloys/

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS ) for real-time melt chemistry and dross monitoring . Click this link for more info :


HYCAL for hydrogen measurement and control :


100% X-Ray inspection is now possible thanks to artificial intelligence along with porosity positioning and measurement :

Contact us for our metallurgical lab services or if you need an equipment :