You’re a foundry ? We measure your melt for the right treatment based on data ( click here for an overview of our melt probes )

You are a machine maker or a part designer ? We reduce cost of your current casting manufacturing process or we work with you to convert your welded assembly to a casting to reduce your costs and improve metallurgical properties. You want to increase profitability for your metal sector company?

With a SF metallurgist, you benefit from our rich industrial expertise tuned on your specific needs, when you need it.

  • Convert your welded assembly to a casting in order to save money and improve mechanical properties;
  • Use our casting process simulation services for training, better designs and improved metal yield;
  • One-time metallurgical expertise for corrosion prevention, failure analysis, welding, fabrication process improvement, selecting a supplier and metallurgical training;
  • Use our expertise in metallurgy;
  • Have a foundry or supplier audit to find root cause for problems;
  • Analyse of defects to find root cause / problematic castings;
  • Project manager;
  • Technical support;
  • Manufacturing agent for casting sourcing  in America and Asia;

We’re there when you need us.

You are a manufacturing process manager ? We measure your melt!

  1. We supply specialized products and our technical support is included for you.
  2. SF uses advanced  thermal analysis to measure the quality of your iron , steel or your aluminum melt.
  3. Metal quality is good and stable ? SF uses SolidCast, FlowCast and OptiCast to simulate your casting process design. This allows us to optimize the design and so, increase your metal yield while improving quality of the part by predicting casting defects, like porosity.
  4. Download our free casting defect app at ( no-bake and green sand ).
  5. To glue those services together, use the expertise of SF metallurgical engineers to improve your casting process.
  • Metallurgical services ( techncian / engineer ) according to your needs;
  • Lab analysis and follow-up on foundry floor;
  • Improvement plan and actions;
  • Project manager;

You need a metallurgist right now ?  Work with a SF metallurgist ; we’re all about conversion to castings an passionate about foundry process improvement.

  • Casting defects
  • Sand systems
  • Fusion / charge
  • Heat treatment
  • Tech
  • Engineer
  • From white iron to ADI
  • Aluminum casting
  • Cast steels
  • Gating design
  • Thermal analysis
  • Process audit
  • Formation of operators and follow-up on foundry floor
  • Advice on equipments
  • A metallurgist in your team ( quality / production ) according to your particular needs

logo casting defect

This mobile app is a great tool for the foundry floor or for training. Download it for free today.

We are working to add more process and more alloys. We are launching the casting defect counting and archiving tool with data analysis in 2017 ( for all casting processes and alloys ) .  Stay tuned !

Click here to contact our dedicated team of metallurgists and let’s discuss your challenge today.