3D printing : where should your foundry start ?

It’s not why, it’s where; because 3D printing is making money to many foundries since many years.  Will you join us at the AFS additive manufacturing event from September  10th to 13th 2018  ? Let’s discuss where should your foundry start, or continue with 3D printing in 2018-2019.

This year we’re excited about the national AFS event great line-up.  Here are some case studies from foundries :

  • – Designing for Printing vs Conventional – Case Studies

    Aaron KeplerCaterpillar Inc., Mapleton, IL

– An African Experience: Challenges of Additive Manufacturing in a Foundry in Nigeria

Vassily Oye BarberopoulosNigerian Foundries Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria

– Case Study: Printed Sand Molds for Impellers

S.Ethan EdwardsTrident Alloys Inc., Springfield, MA

Here are speakers with whom SF is working or resell in Canada, e-mail us for more info :

– The State of the Art in Plastic 3D Printing for Pattern Manufacturing

Clay GuilloryTitan Robotics, Colorado Springs, CO

– How Robotic 3D Printing Is Transforming Metalcasting

Howard RhettViridis3D, Woburn, MA

– Scanning Old Patterns and Creating New Patterns

Carl BerubeCelero Partners, Woburn, MA

Next article on SF blog will be on the MeltCup by our friends at MeltLab for iron and ductile iron thermal analysis. Sales are growing in America because the product is superior and cost-effective ! We’re also working on a new aluminum release for your castingdefect.com app, subscribe to SF blog for free and stay tuned ( top right of this page ) .