How to grow your business using Viridis3D sand printing robot ?

Welcome on SF blog ! Watch this Viridis3D video and call us to discuss how to use sand printing for your business growth strategy ( you’re a foundry or OEM ? ) :

More and more foundries, OEM and casting buyers are growing  by printing their sand molds and cores with Viridis3D robot, which is made in USA.  From 3D model to casting, no more expansive tooling. Welcome short orders delivered quickly ! We cut this article short so you can check this 53sec video in your busy day.

As a OEM, maybe you have welded assemblies you would like to cast cost-effectively or a part you want quickly, not in 2 months? As a foundry, maybe you have a lack in man power for expert molders?

For case studies with actual foundries that are generating new revenues with their Viridis3D robot, click here :

Next article on SF blog will be on advanced thermal analysis for your melt quality control. SF conducts great R&D for aluminum and iron since our last paper presented in Vancouver, Canada during the regional AFS   in 2016 ( )

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