We thank you and all of our customers for trusting us since 2013 for your casting optimization projects

SF was recently featured as the emerging casting optimization firm in the Aluminum Magazine of Québec, Canada.  That’s awesome. Still, what’s really thrilling for us is that you selected us for the success of your casting optimization projects. Thank you so much for your trust since 2013. Here’s the two-pages article as published in the magazine Al13 | june 2017 :

Solutions Fonderie article in Magazine Al13 | june 2017  ( click )

In short, SF is working for optimized castings of all alloys and foundry process  to reach your growth objectives. Which type of SF customer are you  : foundry or casting buyer ?

Figure 1 : Showing SF metallurgist looking at the critical fraction solid plot of a naked casting simulation. Risers dimensions were minimized for this casting, leading to a metal yield % increase from 48% to 78% ( risers and gating not shown ). SF is your  SOLIDCast, FLOWCast and OPTICast support contact for Canada.

With foundries, SF optimize the casting process as a consultant and by implementing technologies along with continuous support. We invest in long-term business relations.

With casting buyers, SF provide project management and design expertise so the design is cost-effective and defects eradicated from the first mold filled with metal. Not all welded assemblies are good candidates for a conversions to a casting. Do you have some for evaluation by SF engineering team?

Moreover, SF distributes equipment and software  (click to see product page).  We currently have customers from Canada and India. We will soon  launch our thermal analysis porosity control tool for aluminum ( oxides and hydrogen ) for customers in the USA. This R&D is currently funded by cqrda.ca

Next article on SF blog will be on our new line of sand testing equipment for your DISA molding machine with our partner Versatile. At SF, we love foundry sand !

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