Casting buyers need to understand how to prevent casting defects

Are you buying castings ? Here’s the article we published in the PartBuyers Authority magazine. How are you working with your casting suppliers to prevent defects ?

Executive summary:

The growth of the transportation industry has increased casting
production throughout North American foundries. This rise in
production and the need for faster deliveries has led to an increase in
casting defects – especially porosity defects
after machining. Read how a recent foundry defect was discovered by the casting buyer and how this problem was resolved.

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Next article on SF blog will be on Viridis3D sand printer.  What every low volume welded assemblies and machined parts buyers should know by 2018 ? Selecting a foundry capable of additive manufacturing of molding sand will save everyone’s time and money.

By the way,  download this free casting defect app for your mobile phone ( ) :

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