How casting buyer works with Foundry Solutions (SF) ?

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The Part Buyers Authority is a new online publication featuring articles for anyone involved in the decision-making process of purchasing, designing, or producing a part.  All articles are written by manufacturers that are deploying newer technologies on their production floors. The Part Buyers Authority is a technical reference guide designed to help part buyers to understand newer technologies for part production.

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Figure 1 : In the last issue of Part Buyers Authority, Celero Partners explained how they generated a 3D model for the OEM from a scan of the used part and sent the part for RoboMolding . Then, the foundry filled the mold with metal and produced a new part. No pattern needed in that case ! SF visited Celero Partners in Boston and it was awesome.

How casting buyers work with SF metallurgists?

We currently have a OEM customer that has been buying castings from the same foundry for the last 13 years. The quality has always been satisfactory and the OEM could deal with some level of returns. Now, the casting quality needs to be improved and new , high performance castings are on the pipeline but the foundry metallurgists are overloaded with current production.

Figure 2 : How SF positions in order to bring value to both the foundry and OEM

The OEM hired SF metallurgists to work with the current supplying foundry for a short-term quality mandate on the casting and heat-treatment process.  In the course of this mandate, SF metallurgists are using our own equipment and technologies to measure process data and implement practical solutions that work, in that case casting simulation and thermal analysis.   

In other words, the foundry/OEM didn’t have to buy the measuring equipment used by SF; it was more profitable to use it à la carte for the short-term.

The OEM now buys better castings and the foundry now has a more efficient, higher quality process. It’s all about cost savings and keeping a good relation between the foundry and the OEM, while supporting growth on both sides.

Next on SF blog, we’ll explain how we’re now your one-stop foundry solutions with not only expertise and equipment. We’re now very excited to better serve you with our new line of foundry consumables products from the best in the industry : resins, refractories, carbon, alloys, and more ! See our product page ( click here ).

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