Casting Defect app phase 1 beta

casting defect appWhich features would you like to unlock for the casting defect app ? Dowload is ready on Google Store so today, we invite you to help us test phase 1 beta for free and share your thoughts, first impressions, ideas of improvements, casting process info and solutions to add, etc. More info at

Free download of beta phase 1 of the casting defect app is available at or directly on Google Store. We should receive approval for Apple Store by next week, thanks for your patience if you use an Iphone.

Casting Defect app project

casting defect app
Why not use your mobile phone for more consistent castings ?
Here is the plan for the three development phases of this great foundry-oriented project :

Beta Phase 1 available now for free

We are calling for metallurgists to help us test and contribute to phase 1, which will provide user-friendly info on casting defects available from your mobile phone. Are you interested ? Then download it now and kindly tell us what you think.

You’d like to cooperate with us? Awesome! We really value your experience, so go ahead and contact us and our casting expert will be happy to discuss ! Please share pros and cons, what you like and don’t like, what you would change in the app, new features, overall user experience, etc.

Beta Phase 1 focuses more on iron molded in green and chemically bonded sand . Versions focused on aluminum, die casting, steel, lost wax and more casting processes coming up upon users’ requests and cooperation from leading casting metallurgists. We are building great contacts from around the world.

In fact, we started sharing Google Drive ( DropBox ) folders with metallurgists from all over the world who want to contribute to the app with casting defects , by sharing their experience, comments, etc. Thank you guys ! You’re really helping to build a useful tool for the foundrymen.

If you want us to customize the app with your own codes and classification, simply ask us and we’ll happily work with you to make it happen.

You will find that several of the sketches and codes come from the 1952-55 International Atlas of Casting Defects which was republished by the AFS in 1993. Also, we want to thank Prof Emeritus Tomáš Elbel for his great inspiration, support and nice encouragement. Several of the sketches also comes from his work, see his paper on an expert-system-for-analysis-of-casting-defects-esvod

Again, we’ll be happy to discuss phase 1 beta and possible developments with you so send us an e-mail at or visit

Phase 1 Q2 2016

-Save notes and personalize the built-in solutions according to your machines, processes, materials, historic, experience, etc.

– Train your employees on casting defects

– Get access to user-friendly casting defect info from your pocket

– Retain knowledge and follow-up on solutions from your key employees and share it with your team instantly

Phase 2 Q3 2016
Phase 2 will be an add-on to Phase 1:

– Count and archive casting defects per casting part #

– Establish volume indicator per casting defect per part

– Automatically graph casting defect evolution in time

– Use this advanced feature for quality control and process improvement

– No more paper to computer input

– Use reliable data to efficiently focus your efforts on the process

– Data available live anytime on your foundry network for managers, techs, etc.

Phase 3 2017

– Continuous improvements of both phase 1 and phase 2

– Establish money value indicator per casting defect per part

– User-friendly gating tool and other features requested by you, the user

You have more ideas ? Contact us at :

Stay tuned on our linkedin page. We are builing a linkedin group to gather user’s experiences in order to improve the casting defect app.

Next article will be on conversion from machine welded parts to castings.