Top 3 expertise for you by Foundry Solutions Metallurgical Services Inc.

Bande SF avec adresse-frWherever you work on our beautiful planet, let’s start a win-win business relation together in 2016 ! Here are our three main clients’ profile. How do they cash into our expertise at Foundry Solutions Metallurgical Services Inc. ( SF ) ? But first, what is SF ?

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  1. SF is a freelance metallurgical engineering company for design engineers and machine-shops seeking to lower manufacturing cost of their parts bought at foundries

  2. SF is a freelance metallurgical engineering company for process-improvement and employee training/coaching to foundries from all over the world

  3. SF is a world-wide distributor of technology and equipment for the foundry industry

1) Lower manufacturing cost of parts designed by mechanical engineers outside of the foundry industry, as well as other casting buyers

In  nutshell, we collaborate with mechanical designers outside of the foundry industry. Among other things, casting process understanding must be included in the design phase to avoid bad news. We help designers evaluate if and which of their current parts would be well suited to be manufactured with a casting process. And recommend the best casting process for their needs. We then make sure the design is adapted to the casting process. We also audit and source foundries to find the best for a given part. Ideally, we work with the selected foundry to follow the manufacturing process and controls required on casting parameters. This allows for a win-win-win business model : designers win, SF win the foundries win.

2) Train foundry staff and help control the casting process parameters for an increased profitability

This article by Harvard Business review ( click ) underlines the need and trend for companies using more and more freelance experts, for instance freelance metallurgists like us at SF.

Is this picture of the industry in Quebec, Canada similar to yours in your corner of the world ?—2-volet—diagnostic-sectoriel-2013-2015—br.pdf

SF train your operators and supervisors on the casting process so they understand and love their work on the foundry floor. They then add a lot more value to your process. It’s all about the people !

Our expertise on casting process control is essential to any foundry. We focus on root causes for a stable casting process producing consistent castings. SF metallurgists can typically take charge of a given process improvement project at your foundry or join your team to work with them on demand. Let’s work together to sustain your growth.

3) Distribute foundry technologies and equipment for more consistent castings

Here are three tool / equipment we distribute. More foundry tools and equipment coming soon by Foundry Solutions Metallurgical Services Inc.

Next week, phase 1 of our casting defect app for mobile phones will be ready for you to download  on Google and Apple store. This test version will be free for a limited time. The goal is that casting metallurgists like you from around the world can tell us what you like and don’t like about it. Then, we will be able to tune the way we present the content and how much content we display, etc.

That’s precisely one of the challenge : find the sweet spot between too little content for casting defect solutions and too much so the app becomes too heavy to handle on-the-go. Phase 1 will be more focused on ductile and grey iron. Phase 2 will be ready by September 2016 and will allow you to collect, archive and use the casting defect data for process improvement, all from the foundry floor.

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SF is the Canadian agent for SOLIDCast, FLOWCast and OPTICast. Whether you already bought the software and want additional training or need casting simulations à la carte,  SF casting process engineers will be happy to help you further reduce your manufacturing cost for all alloys. We can work with designers worldwide.

Here’s an article describing more in detail how casting process optimization with OPTICast can save you money :

In the next article, we will ask for your help and if you like, we’ll suggest how we can start cooperating together to make the casting defect app a very useful tool. Again, download ready for next week for free for a limited time during testing. Dozens of foundrymen like you from around the world shared their interests and approved this innovation. We thank you for your support, it’s awesome !

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