SF Thermal Analysis for aluminum and steel launches during Metal Casting Congress

We’re launching the new SF Thermal Analysis for aluminum and steel during the virtual Metal Casting Congress. Here’s a video showing you how it’s used by the melt operator :

Click this link for more info on our SF Thermal Analysis page :


SF Thermal Analysis (SFTA) is a shop floor melt measurement device. This version of thermal analysis for aluminum samples shown on the video measures the energy released or absorbed by each phases during solidification. The SF software does that automatically by integrating the area between the cooling rate curve and the zero energy curve. The various arrests are pointed on the cooling curve. It works for steel and your other alloys as well.

The operator has a simple go/no-go interface to work with. The quality control person can set the decision criterions for the operator’s interface. SFTA is great to make sure your melt solidification properties are as expected on the shop floor or as simulated. Is your melt treatment optimized ? You can go deeper into the analysis when needed and do R&D if you’re a university. Still, the main use is intended to be SFTA near the furnace on the shop floor to help melt operator to take decisions based on data.

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