How to repair casting defects by welding ?

Welcome on SF blog ! Today we show you a video of how to repair casting defects with our ATOM welding machine. We even have customers using the ATOM cold welding machines to repair their H13 steel molds for aluminium high pressure die casting ! Contact us to request a demo or a quote :

Most of our customers get a return on their investment within a month of using the machine. Many of them at the first few repairs they do !

Figure 1 : You can repair non-structural casting defects for ductile iron, grey iron, steel, aluminium, copper, etc.

Figure 2 : There’s a very small heat affected zone, so almost no change of microstructure.

The welding electrode can be bent to any angle to weld any narrow or deep positions. Now more castings can be saved ! No argon gas required during welding for low welding cost.

Figure 3 : Four examples you can use your ATOM AWE-19US machine

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