Test and control green sand properties in real-time

We are your support for Versatile Sand Testing and Control equipment in North America. Here’s a video showing a hardness tester used to accept or reject a green sand mold  before filling it with molten metal :

Click here to read the full article as it appeared in the magazine, and here’s an important point  :


A typical analysis may look like the following example :

For Pattern No: XYZ1123

• Squeeze pressure is between:
14-15 Bar
• Compactability range is: 36-
• Moisture range is: 3.7-3.9%
• Permeability range is: 280-300
• Green strength range is: 1.8-2.2
• Temperature range is: 82-89 F

Casting defects on account of sand shall be < 0.3 %. This can be taken as a control plan for that pattern by the foundry and can be followed by the online testing system (VCATII) as acceptance criteria for a
mold to be poured.

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