How do you sample your melt for aluminum thermal analysis ?

Here’s the video of our old sampling stand for SF aluminum melt thermal analysis. Come visit our booth #2822 at CastExpo, April 27th-30th and GIFA #A19, June 25th- 29th for our new sampling hardware! Why use SF thermal analysis ?

Rule 1. Start with a good-quality melt
Immediately prior to casting, the melt shall be prepared, checked, and treated, if necessary, to bring it into conformance with an acceptable minimum standard. Prepare and use so far as possible only neardefect- free melt. –

Ref.: John Campbell, The 10 Rules for good castings, Complete Casting Handbook, 2011

Measure all those metallurgical properties from one sample of your melt and take action on your liquid aluminum before casting : solid porosity is too late !

  1. Grain Refinement
  2. Modification
  3. Metallurgical phases %
  4. SF Porosity potential for your melt vs casting (Hydrogen, Bifilm, %Iron, Cooling rate )
  5. We’re happy to develop and program custom functions to answer your specific challenge, or for your research !

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