Which training method do you prefer for your effective casting process simulation?

Our friends at Finite Solutions Inc. are hosting the trimestrial effective casting seminar from July 11th to July 13th at Western Michigan University.  Maybe you prefer to train your engineer from the comfort of your foundry, or their home ? Then, request training videos now. Here’s the link to the seminar registration :


Why attend ?

Avoid costly trials and errors, optimize casting quality and minimize production

SOLIDCast™ for solidification related defects;

FLOWCast™ for metal flow and mold filling defects;

OPTICast™ to optimize process parameters or metal yield % as a function of the desired casting quality for your application.

What you’ll get when you attend this seminar :

  • The skills to perfect your casting simulation projects;
  • 45 day evaluation license for the three software on your computer;
  • USB drive with all the training material, many video examples and case studies;
  • Lunch is included.

E-mail us which training method you prefer for your foundry ?

Any suggestion? We want to serve you better :

  • Live webinars every two weeks ?
  • How-to videos always available ?
  • 3 days seminar like the next one at WMU ?
  • On-site training by one of our metallurgists ?

Wherever you work with castings on our beautiful planet, send us you CAD file and we’ll use it to train your engineer. Isn’t this beautiful ? You’ll train your engineer at the same time we’ll  solve your casting defect!  

Here’s an example showing the FLOWCast™ filling of a casting molded on a vertical disamatic line. You see something wrong with this gating design ?

Then with your evaluation license, you’ll be able to see what it would be like to integrate our casting simulation solution to your foundry process, from your quoting process to casting quality optimization and metal yield %.

Of course, we’re always one call, one e-mail or one screen-sharing session away for the success of your casting projects. No matter if you’re in Canada, India, Euro time zone, etc !

Here’s the link to register for the next seminar :


Tell us where should we host our seminar in September? Next week on SF blog, we’ll be releasing the John Campbell porosity diagnosis update for your free  castingdefect.com app.

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