SF have metal casting business with India

indiaflagSF casting engineer Yohan Tremblay is ready for this first business trip in India out of many more to come. So, what Yohan will do in India in December 2016?

Work with a current SF foundry customer in India and explore business opportunities in Canada/USA with management of a leading foundry sand testing equipment manufacturer.

For 2017, we’re also looking to find and work with casting suppliers and Indian metallurgists to improve SF free mobile app at www.castingdefect.com.

Moreover, with its current American partners, SF is developing casting simulation and thermal analysis technologies so, we’re organizing our presence to sell those softwares and offer the same outstanding service in India, which we provide here in the US and Canada.


Figure 1 :  ”The wheel denotes motion. There is death in stagnation. There is life in movement”. – Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

SF expertise and technology for Indian foundries

Since May 2016 working from Canada ( thanks to internet ), SF contributes to the successful launch of a new, big foundry in India by providing innovative casting process design ( molding and metallurgy ). This December, our customer invites us to meet, have fun and plan for a second mandate when this first one is over early in 2017.

Technically, the equation for success is the same with Indian foundries than it is for Canadian and American foundries :

SF expertise*exp(Thermal Analysis + Casting Simulation) = Success 

In other words, SF casting process engineers’s brains are upgraded by the technologies developed by Finite Solutions ( Casting Simulation ) and MeltLab Systems ( Thermal Analysis ). This makes SF very successful at answering foundry needs, including staff training in molding and metal treatment.

We can’t wait to discover the Indian culture by traveling there and meeting people there for SF business development; it’s very exciting!

SF presence in India 


Figure 2 : Map of India with dots representing where are our Indian users (foundries) of castingdefect.com. The big dark-blue dot is the city of Pune.

With a presence in India, SF will be able to develop its market share using 3 intertwined fronts :

  1. Casting Process Simulation for an optimized casting design ( consultant jobs and software sales );
  2. Thermal Analysis for quality control of the melt ( consultant jobs and software sales );
  3. SF expertise in molding, metallurgy and training to deliver the results. You’ll agree it’s not enough to use technologies ; expertise is the key to deploy them cost-effectively.

Using the free SF casting defect app for mobile phones has proven a very effective way to reach Indian metalcasters. Indeed, 49% of our 664 unique and active users per month work in the Indian casting industry ( figure 2).

Have an awesome business trip Yohan !

Next week article will be on SF R&D project on aluminum porosity control using thermal analysis, which was mentioned in yesterday’s MeltLab newsletter ( click ).

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